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You may click the coffee mug picture to the left to visit our on-line store. We have products with our honeybee pictures on them. A gift for yourself or that special beekeeper in your life. Check our store often to see new products as we add them!
We thank you for visiting our site….. Our first hobby is the bees ( of course ) with photography as the second! Soooo, we have set this site up in order to bring some of our favorite pictures and videos to you…..  Help support adoptabee! Some of our material is available for you to purchase to in the “Our videos” & “Our photos” areas….. Our “Free videos” area has several 720P video clips you may download for free with the option to purchase the clip in true 4K. 720P video looks great on a 55 inch flat-screen TV….. Click the Facebook link above & join our group to see the items we sometimes post there in a higher resolution. Enjoy!!!
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FREE STOCK FOOTAGE FOR YOUR PROJECTS! Several short video clips you may download & use for free. Just click the “Free stock-footage” link near the top of the page..
HELP SUPPORT adoptabee! We do not accept donations but do have some good photos & videos for sale. Check out the “Our videos” & “Our photos” links near the top of this page. Use these photos to make a set of coffee mugs, a nice calender or slide show for yourself! There are hundreds of ways to use our pictures.
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