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Hello!  My name is George & I have been keeping bees singe 2009 and live in the North Eastern part of the State of Maryland in the United States of America. My other hobby is photography & videography which is a somewhat unique combination. Many of the beekeeping videos and photos found on the Internet today are not true Hi definition material so I made this site to host my own. By purchasing our videos and photo packs you help keep this site alive.  I will also use this section to house the “My Thoughts On” page found in the mobile adoptabee site.  
Chemical treatments I am using Apiguard this year. Apiguard is a varroa mite treatment but is also said to be effective against tracheal mites, acarapis woodi mites & Chalkbrood as well. Another benefit of Apiguard I have noticed is that it drives most of the “Small Hive Beetles” off the comb into the screened bottom boards I have installed. Soapy water is placed in a tray below the screen and most of the beetles drown there. The tray must be sealed well enough to ensure no bees may enter.