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This page is to provide a bit of information about my bee colonies. I am located in Northeastern Maryland USA. In 2018 I reduced the number of colonies due to my work schedule and disappointing winter colony survival rates. At this time I feel these poor rates were due to improper management of the Varroa Destructor mite. I went into winter with a total of six colonies, two single deeps and 4 matures….. In 2018 I decided to institute a very aggressive varroa mite plan to deal with my colony loss issues. My overwinter colony survival rate this year is 100%.
April 15 2019  All colony status is good. Overwinter survival rate was 100% this year. The queens are laying at max rate to take advantage of the PRIMARY NECTAR FLOW which will be here soon. The health of the colonies this year is a pleasant surprise. I attribute this to a aggressive varroa mite control plan in 2018. March 24 2019  -  Inspected the 2 single deeps today. Both colonies look good with a fair amount of capped brood. Saw the queens in both colonies. Suppose to have some very nice days next week so hope to inspect a couple of the 4 mature colonies. The colonies are being fed sugar water and still have winter patties on them.      March 20 2019  -  All 6 of the colonies are flying today and look strong. The bees are beginning to bring good loads of pollen in. The queens in the 2 single deeps had quit laying in late August of 2018. All of the brood was hatched out in mid September. These queens had begun to lay about February 15 2019 but a very intense 3 week cold spell ended the small area of brood in these colonies. I am surprised how good the bees look for being at least 6 months old.