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This page is to provide my views about a few beekeeping subjects. I make no claim to being a expert beekeeper so these thoughts are just about how I think about these subjects. I make no claim that these thoughts or ideas will be good or work for you.
Sites to visit - There are many websites on the net where excellent information on bees & beekeeping may be found. I will list a few of them along with beekeeping supply vendors below. The adoptabee site will focus on beekeeping videos & photography. http://beekeepinglikeagirl.com/     A very good site packed with info for the beginner beekeeper. https://www.kelleybees.com/     A trusted business for beekeeping supplies for all who keep bees. https://beesource.com/how-to-start-beekeeping/     A great site for new beekeeper information. Varroa Mites - My overwinter success rates have not been very good for the last few years. My mentors have told me to implement a more aggressive mite program which I did in 2018. All colonies were treated 3 times in 2018 so we will see if it helps my overwinter rates. The hives were treated with Apiguard after the honey supers were removed. The second treatment was with Apivar in late summer. The final treatment was a oxalic acid dribble in late December. All 6 colonies made it to the spring of 2019 in very good shape.